Hi friends! My latest study of the Bible has been in Luke, and so I thought I would share my thoughts on the Parable of the Sower in Luke 8:1-15.

In short, Jesus is explaining to those gathered what it means to actually take up God’s words and live according to that. Jesus speaks first of seeds that are scattered along a walking path and eaten by birds. These are the people who hear the word, but are tempted by the devil and fall trap to Satan’s fallacies and are therefore left with an unbelief of what the word says. Then come the seeds that are thrown across rocky ground that grow but eventually die due to lack of water. These people welcome the word when they hear it but have no true roots in the Lord and in their faith—they’re lukewarm. When temptations and tests come their way they fall away from their faith and run into the arms of the world. Then there are the seeds that fall among thorns, and when they try to grow are choked by the weeds surrounding them. These people are the ones that hear the word and are again lukewarm, but don’t stand firm in faith. The world and the things it has to offer seem a lot more pleasing and fulfilling to these people. They are torn down by temptation and worry and what the world wants for them rather than what God calls for us. Finally, Jesus speaks of the seeds that are sown on good soil. These people are those that take the word into their hearts and stand firm on top of it, and in the end produce a great crop from sowing good seeds onto good soil of their own.

I love this parable because it’s a reminder that we need to be fully rooted in the Lord’s word. We can’t let temptation, worldly pleasures and problems, and lukewarm faith get in the way of pursuing Christ’s kingdom. Instead we need to be rooted in good soil and sow our seeds wisely in the word of God rather than the pleasures of the world.

Thanks so much for reading!!

Much love & grace,



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