Hi friends! Today I’m back on the blog with a short devotional about grace. Grace is a long-winded subject with so much that can be discussed but for this devotional I really want to focus in and break down what it means to take grace for granted.

We hear about grace all the time whether it’s in church or small groups, and as Christians we know that grace is a huge deal. But I think most of the time we don’t have a grasp on how huge of a deal grace really is. We sin constantly—something I’m sure we’re all reminded of daily—but what makes the Lord so good is that He forgives us freely. And that right there is what grace really is; it’s an undeserving, but freely given gift from a god who is more powerful than any other. Because of our nature of sin and the fact that we oftentimes become numb to the sins that we commit on the daily, we don’t think much about grace in its full sense. It’s almost like we become numb to grace just like our sins. We take it for granted and we forget that it’s what renews our faith and allows us to still be  forgiven even when we mess up.

In Luke 7, Jesus is anointed by a woman who all the teachers of the law call a sinner. She is broken, beat down, and hangs heavy due to the overwhelming impact of her sin. When she meets Jesus, she instantly feels compelled to fall at His feet and clean them. When the Pharisees tell Him that she is a sinner and unworthy of His presence, He explains that her faith in that moment has displayed her great love and that her sins are forgiven. Jesus’ grace is so evident here and I think it really helps to put in perspective the impact of grace. Even before He died on the cross, He was freely forgiving those that were considered sinners and unclean. And even today we have that within our faith: an unending and overwhelming grace that we don’t deserve, yet still are gifted.

Thanks so much for reading and I will see you back on the blog in my next post. ❤

Much love & grace,



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