Hi friends! I am back again with a new post about kindness. I found this quote on Pinterest (see the cover photo) and I felt that it was on my heart to talk about kindness and what it means to spread kindness according to what God has called us to do.

When we think of kindness it’s easy to point out a million different incidents where we have shown kindness to someone. But instead of sitting here and telling you to show kindness when you’re in a good mood and vibing with life, I’m going to talk about how we need to show kindness even when we don’t want to. When we’re in a bad mood the last thing we want to do is interact with others, but God didn’t call us to spread His message only when we’re feeling happy, He called us to spread it all of the time. In fact, it might help bring you out of a bad mood to go and spread kindness out to the people around you.

We should speak feel compelled to speak kindness over anger and lift people up through kind words and actions. A kind action can make a world of difference in a world where there isn’t a lot of kindness being shown as often as it should. When we fill our hearts with genuinely good thoughts and express these thoughts through genuinely good actions, then we can make enrich our community using the love that the Lord wants us to show others. I also love how the cover photo analogizes things as well. When I think of confetti I think of it as being a big mess that sinks into every nook and cranny and is hard to get rid of. If we are spreading kindness like confetti then we are making a lasting impact on those we come across. So make sure that you too are throwing kindness like confetti rather than hateful and hurtful words.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you all have an excellent rest of your week and don’t forget to let your kindness flood the world (look up the full quote by Pema Chodron, it’s awesome)

Much love & grace,




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