1 JOHN 4:11


Hi friends! Another week, another weekly verse. I wanted to kind of play off my last post (found here) and continue on with this theme of loving one another no matter the circumstance. So keep reading and enjoy!

Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.

-1 John 4:11//NIV Translation

Jesus tells us in Mark 12:31 to love our neighbors. He also tells us that there is no greater commandment. Jesus tells us an infinite amount of times throughout the New Testament to love one another. If our king is putting this much emphasis on one thing than it must be because it’s extremely important that we do as He is asking. God sent His one and only son down to earth to die for our sins—we know that this is the greatest showing of love and sacrifice to ever have existed. The Lord showed this immense love and in the same way He calls us to love one another.

Our differences shouldn’t divide us or make it harder to love one another. Our anger or hate shouldn’t surpass love. So turn your hearts away from bitterness and open them to love. Love the broken, the hungry, the hurt and in the same way love the together, the full, and the healed. God’s love doesn’t have boundaries or walls, and so our love shouldn’t either.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you can take this message with you as you start your week.

Much love & grace,



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