Hi friends! I’m back with a quick little prayer centering around the aftermath of the election yesterday. Before I jump into the prayer, I want to share a little background on what inspired this post. Also before I move on I can promise you this will be a completely neutral post; I am not here to tell you whether who you voted for was the right choice or not, any opinions you may have are your right to reserve, enjoy!

So as I walked into school this morning I could almost feel the change in atmosphere. It seemed as if a negative cloud had settled over the building putting everyone in a bad mood. Everywhere I looked—whether it be Twitter, Instagram, or even the hallways of my school—there were people arguing and throwing nasty comments back and forth. And it didn’t seem to pertain to just one political side, it was coming from both ends. Honestly, it made my heart ache just a little bit to see the negativity and division that came over everyone. This particular prayer settled heavily over my heart, and I felt compelled to share this in the hopes that it might make things a little less divided among us.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for giving us a place to live where we can have such freedom to be able choose who we want to lead our country, I think that’s a pretty amazing thing. God I pray that as our country enters into this post election time period that we can remember that you sent Your son down to proclaim a message of love and peace and positivity. Jesus did not die on the cross so that we could be a nation divided over the results of a political election. No, He died so that our sins would be forgiven in unending grace and that we could come together as one to proclaim Your good news. I pray Lord that the people with anger in their hearts, whatever side they may be on, can feel Your cleansing flood of joy and feel changed by that. And lastly God, I pray that we will no longer be divided but unified because we are all sons and daughters of one everlasting and gracious god. Help us all to remember that and turn our hearts towards kindness and mercy, and open our eyes to Your goodness. Amen.

Thank you all so much for reading, I know this post was kind of long. I wish you all a great rest of your week and I hope that you will carry this message with you as you continue one with the rest of the week.

Much love & grace,