Hi friends! Wednesday is here and I am so very glad. It’s gotten to the point where my weeks are measured by what fun things I have to do on certain days and, of course, Wednesday night church is my mid-week motivation. But moving on from that—keep reading for some devotional knowledge.

So it’s pretty well known that as Christians we are called to actually live out the word of God and follow Jesus’ teachings. In other words we have to walk the talk. We have to take what we read and talk about in church and small groups and among accountability partners and spread it out among the world. And this doesn’t strictly mean performing a huge act of faith. It can be as small and simple as showing Jesus’ love through helping someone who tripped on the stairs, or inviting someone to sit with you at lunch if you know they don’t have a table. There are thousands of opportunities a day to show His love to others and we have to keep our eyes open for those opportunities and seize them when they do come instead of letting them pass us by.

The second half of this devotion is about sharing your faith with others in a verbal way, or talking the walk. While faith in action is much stronger than faith by words alone, there has to be something there to back those actions. And since we are called to read the Bible anyway, why not go ahead and share its message with others? Joining Christian clubs at school or inviting people to come to youth group with you is a great start to talking the walk. Doing this does’t have to be stiff and awkward. You don’t have to shove your faith in other people’s faces, but talking about something personal that God has done in your life might make “talking the walk” a lot easier and natural process.

Thank you for reading friends! Don’t forget to keep your eyes open for opportunities where you can share the word of God/love of Jesus with others. See you on Friday!

Much love & grace,



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