Hi friends! It’s been a rainy weekend and it’s kind of nice to experience some cooler weather along with the rain. So whether it’s raining where you are or not, keep reading for Shebrews Good’s weekly verse.

Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good.

-Romans 12:9//NIV Translation

While this verse as a whole has a little more to it, I want to focus in on the very last part. I love that the last five words make up a very direct call. We are being called to look for what is good in the world and stick with it. There is so much negativity today. Everywhere we look there are things that try and pull us down and throw us into bad moods. A negative mindset not only makes people less likely to want to be around you, but also sets us into the routine of looking at everything in a pessimistic way. When we start to do that every little adverse thing that happens just because life is life becomes a much bigger deal than it needs to be.

We should seek the things in life that are good and holy and God-filled because those are the things that are going to propel us forward in life. In other words, we need to cling to what is good. Instead of allowing negativity to fill us up, turn to something good. That can be as simple as seeing something negatively skewed on social media and choosing to look at pictures of cute puppies instead of focusing in on the bad. That’s a very basic example, but one that works. If you’re feeling down and your heart is becoming consumed by the negativity of the world, look up uplifting Bible verses, or better yet open your Bible to a random page and read a passage or two. I promise that you will feel instantly better.

Thank you all so much for reading. Have a great week and enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

Much love & grace,



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