Hi friends! If you didn’t already know, I am making my way through the Bible one book at a time. I finished Daniel last Saturday and I got to thinking that some of my Bible Study posts could be recaps of my thoughts and notes and favorite passages as I read through the Bible. So enjoy this new style of post for your Wednesday.

I tackled Daniel by reading two chapters each night and writing down thoughts and comments and questions for each chapter. So to do an easy and quick recap, I’m going to break this down by each chapter and include the things that I thought were most important out of each one.

Daniel 1:

  • Daniel was willing to go through a testing period knowing it would make his faith stronger
  • He proved that trials lead to greater things at the end

Daniel 2:

  • Daniel opened the king’s eyes to who God really is
  • King Nebuchadnezzar proved that turning your eyes to God and away from worldly distractions will lead you to the truth

Daniel 3:

  • This is for sure one of my favorite passages of the Bible ever  I love the direct proof that standing up for your faith and giving it all to God means that in return He will provide for you

Daniel 4:

  • God shows through the king’s dream that He does not forsake us even in our walk of sin (He allowed the “roots” to stay intact)

Daniel 5: 

  • God does not give us signs or show us the right path by mistake, each thing we are shown means something

Daniel 6: 

  • Connects back to Daniel 3 in that giving it all to God and having complete faith will pay off
  • Stand firm!

Daniel 7:

  • I took this to be a little bit of foreshadowing for the beginning of Jesus’ kingdom
  • Jesus’ kingdom is almighty and cannot be destroyed

Daniel 8:

  • Connects back to Daniel 7, Jesus will put to rest the deceitful and deliver us from oppression

Daniel 9:

  • God keep His covenant with us even when we don’t keep it in return (He always gives us the chance to repent and return to Him)

Daniel 10:

  • Verse 19 is such a direct call and I love when I see these in the Bible

Daniel 11:

  • Evil will meets its end because God’s power will always prevail
  • All the gold and silver of the world cannot raise enough armies to defeat God

Daniel 12:

  • Those who are saved (written in the book) will gain everlasting life
  • We will be judged by how we have lived our lives (by our deeds)

Thank you so much for reading—sorry that you had to scroll forever—and I will see you on Friday!

Much love & grace,



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