Hi friends! I am back with a weekly verse to help kickstart your week. I’m really hoping to get a collab up this Friday but we’ll see if that works out. For now just keep reading and enjoy.

Let us acknowledge the Lord: let us press on to acknowledge Him. As surely as the sun rises, he will appear; he will come to us like the winter rains, like the spring rains that water the earth.

-Hosea 6:3//NIV Translation

I think the easiest way to go about understanding this verse is to break it into two parts. The first part being about striving to know the Lord, and the second part being that he is always a sure thing. It’s pretty blatantly stated in this verse (and many others) that we should strive to know God. A good way to start that is by reading the Bible. As we read the Bible and learn more about Him, we start to understand who God truly is. Prayer is another important part of knowing God. How are you supposed to get to know someone if you never talk to them? Prayer is our way of communicating directly to God, and we have to utilize that accordingly. In every aspect of our lives we need to be pushing and moving towards God. We need to read His word, pray to Him, and seek community with other Jesus lovers!

The next part of this verse is such a positive and comforting message. It’s reassuring us that the Lord is always around. He is a for sure thing; there’s nothing about Him that is wavering or shaky. It compares the Lord to the dawn. We know that the sunrise will always come, day after day, and that is the same as God. He will always be there and He is willing and itching to come to us and fill us with good things. The verse explains that God will come to us like rain and water the land. Rain is renewing and necessary for plants to grow. God is the same way and we need God just as plants need water to survive. And the greatest part of our need and craving for the Lord is that we are guaranteed His attention. He will be there for us when we call to Him, there’s no doubt in that.

Thank you all for reading, it is greatly appreciated. I hope that you can carry this message with you throughout the week and devote yourself to getting to know God while remembering that He will always be there in your time of need. And before I sign off, the cover photo is from the app She Reads Truth!

Much love & grace,




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