Hi friends! Tonight was my very first ever senior Bible study with my youth group and I cannot express the joy that I have after leaving the church and getting to hear such a great message while surrounded by my best friends. I’ve already started brainstorming a ton of new blog post ideas just after this first lesson, so I’m excited for what this year of monthly studies will bring. For tonight I’m coming at you with a prayer categorized post. Enjoy!

Last week’s weekly verse (check it out here) was all about proclaiming His name and your faith to the world; not being afraid to act on what you know you’ve been called to do. And to kind of continue with that theme and with the theme of this weeks verse (here) of not lagging in serving the Lord, I bring to you faith vs. fear.

I think in order to really succeed in not letting fear ruin what we truly would like to say, we have to bring the issue to God. We have to take the time to sit down and confess what fears we have, and we have to ask God to lead us to where fear has no control. In the end faith is greater than fear. But we can’t conquer fear alone, we need God to help us on our journey. God is like the option of “phone a friend” on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. The option is always there ready for you to use, but you have to choose to use it. And lucky for us there isn’t a maximum number of phone calls you’re allowed—God is unlimited and our prayer to Him is the same way. So anytime you need a little help making your faith supersede your fear, God will be there waiting to take your call.

Faith vs. Fear Prayer Ideas:

  • Ask God to show you that faith can conquer all
  • Pray for elimination of your fears
  • Pray for a bold heart, an open mind, and a willing mouth in order to proclaim the name
  • Pray for strength to take a step out in your faith even when it seems the most difficult

Those are just a few things that you might include in your prayers to help you get started. Thank you so very much for reading and I will be back again on Friday with another kicking post.

Much love & grace,


P.S. I found the cover photo on Google Images. But even cooler than that is the fact that when I searched for that saying, the very same cover photo I used for my Acts 18:9 post came up in the image search. Kind of cool that I made the connection in this post and had it reaffirmed just by searching through Google!



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