Hi friends! Today I’m bringing you a journaling post for your Wednesday. The school week is halfway over and what is better than having a little fun on the blog on a day like today?

At one of my church conferences we made these little cards with Bible verses on them. Their purpose was to be a small and easy thing to carry around with you, and to look at the verses when you need a little encouragement. At the conference, the leader gave us all these small index cards and key rings. I keep my little set in my car so every time I get in, I see the verse right on top, and if I need a pick-me-up, I can sift through them all.

I think this is just a neat and easy way to have the Bible with you wherever you go. I know a lot of my friends have attached them to their keys, or carry them in their backpacks during school. You can even laminate them or cover them in clear masking tape so they don’t get ruined. Every week I add at least one new verse, usually the weekly verse that’s up on the blog. I’ve found that doing this has actually helped increase my memory of the weekly verses I choose because I am constantly looking at it when I’m stopped at light or there’s a lot of traffic.

I know this isn’t exactly journaling, but it falls into a similar category since you can decorate the cards however you like. It’s a simple, easy, and crafty thing to do and only requires index cards and a key ring or string to tie them together! Thanks for much for reading and have a great rest of your week—see you Friday!

Much love & grace,


P.S. The cover picture is of my set of cards just F.Y.I!


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