Hi friends! It finally Friday…yay! One week of school is done and over with and I have a whole weekend of exciting things ahead. So today on the blog I am bringing you a quick devotional post inspired by one of my favorite book series.

Near the end of the summer I marathoned a book series called the Raven Cycle. If you haven’t already (and if you’re a huge reader like me) you should really check these books out. This series probably ranks top five for me, and that’s a hard thing to do since I do read so often. One of the characters Gansey has a saying that he always refers back to, and it appears in the books quite often. I fell in love with this word the minute it was first mentioned, and you can probably guess from the title of the blog what that word is. Excelsior is a Latin word that roughly translates to onward and upward or ever upward.

I think that I grew to attached to this word as the series went on because the meaning that it holds for me now. I’ve decided to make excelsior my kind of motto for this school year. I love the idea of always keeping your eyes onward and upward, seeking God as you walk through life. I think that it’s a great reminder that when you’ve made a mistake or are falling into a slump that you can move onward and you should be looking upward to God, who is the one thing in your life that is always going to be the same. Why shouldn’t we focus on something that is always constant, correct, and good? So this next week (or month or year) maybe you too can use excelsior as a motto for your walk along God’s path.

I hope you enjoyed this post and check back Sunday for a new weekly verse!

Much love & grace,



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