Hi friends! This Wednesday, I bring to you a post about adventure. I’ve been thinking a lot about adventure recently, and I’ve made a sort of pact with my friend about creating adventure this last year of high school. I have been praying really hard for this to be a year where things happen, a year where I choose adventure over complacency.

I believe that God provides opportunities for adventure around every corner. He doesn’t want us to fall complacent or unmoving. He wants us to get up and explore the world around us, and while doing so to spread the love of Jesus to anyone we may encounter. As Romans 12:11 says “never be lagging in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord.”  God truly wants us to never lag in zeal, whether that be in school, friendships, adventures, or when worshipping him. The Lord pushes us to be adventurous so that we can spread the gospel to as many people as possible. So, when broken down adventures are an opportunity from God to serve Him.

Adventures don’t always have to be extravagant outings that you have to plan extensively. In fact, they can be as simple as last minute plans at nine o’clock at night with your best friend to get ice cream. Take adventures as they are thrown at you. Don’t let fear overtake your urge to explore. You never know who God might put in your path or what might happen. And if you never seize the opportunity of adventure, you may be missing out on some pretty great things. Be bold in your faith, have a willing heart and mind, and allow adventure to happen.

Much love & grace,



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