PSALM 11:18


The new school year is approaching fast and as a soon-to-be senior, I am both nervous and excited for the last year of high school. It’s a scary thought to think that in a year I will be starting college in an entirely new state, with new people. But to put myself back into the mindset of the present, I was searching for a verse that would give me, as well as anyone who reads this post, encouragement for the new school year.

“Having hope will give you courage.”

-Job 11:18//NLT Translation

In this verse it talks about how having hope will give you courage. As Hebrews 6:19 states, hope is an anchor for the soul. When we are anchored in our faith, everything else in our lives will fall into place accordingly. Our trust in God needs to be completely solid. Give your fear and anxiety over to Him, an almighty god who can handle it all, no matter how big the burden might be. When we can trust in God, we can have hope, and when we can have hope we can cast our burdens onto God, and in turn that leads us to have courage for our future. When we are no longer worrying about the number of things that are plaguing us, then our fear is replaced with bravery.

We only have to place our anxiety onto God through prayer. Only through God will our hope inspire courage.

Thanks so much for reading friends! I wish you all the best last week of freedom possible (or a great week of school if you’re already back in session). Remember that God is always there to receive your prayers—in fact He wants you to talk with Him.

Much love & grace,


Also side note on the cover photo for this post (from Pinterest): the verse is Job 11:18, not 18:11 like the picture says.


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