Hello again friends! I’ve been thinking a lot about accountability partners and friends that you can confide in and grow in Christ with. Having people like this is incredibly important. Community is a key part of your studies of the Bible. Accountability partners can provide support and keep you on track. In fact, without anyone backing me up, I’m not sure that I would have the motivation to post every week. It’s much easier to get things done when you know that there’s someone who is 1) holding you accountable and 2) relying on you to get things done.

Besides accountability partners, it’s always a good idea to find people to participate in Bible studies with you. It produces a new set of perspectives and it’s more fun to do things with friends! If there isn’t anything at your school or church that allows you to get together with others around you and do Bible studies, then try and start your own group get-together. You could launch a new club at school, or something as simple as inviting a group of friends to meet weekly.

I personally think accountability and community are some of the most important aspects of being a Christian. I not only enjoy what I get out of Bible studies with friends, but it’s a really cool thing to see how your friends grow in their Christianity. Not to mention that you have an instant support group and a number of confidants. So this week and moving into the school year, remember that accountability and community are critical—and necessary for your walk with Jesus!

Much love & grace,


P.S. The cover picture on this post is not mine (I found it off of Pinterest naturally).


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