Hello friends and welcome back to Shebrews Good! So, a couple years ago I ran across this picture on Pinterest that had a long list of summaries for each book of the Bible. I’ve been using it as I read through each book and certain chapters to help clear up the broad context of each book. Usually, I read it before I begin studying a particular book and it helps me to form coherent thoughts about the purpose of each chapter and verse in the aforementioned book.

I think it’s incredibly important to be able to realize the truth in each verse. If we aren’t getting anything out of our Bible studies then we aren’t grasping what we’re supposed to. A simple way to use these summaries is to write them out in your Bible itself; I usually try and do it in the white space at the very beginning of the book, but a sticky note would work just as well. That way, whenever I need a little refresher on the overview of what I’m reading, I can easily flip to the beginning of the book and read the snippet that I wrote down.

If you’re having trouble with the broad context of a book, this is a great tool to use to not only clear up any confusion, but to ensure you’re getting the most out of your studies. Keep scrolling to see the picture below and good luck in your Bible adventures. If you need further information or want to discuss more, then feel free to comment or use the social media links on the homepage.

Much love and grace,





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