This next week is the start of my mission trip out of town, so I started to begin thinking about service and the how I will be serving others these next coming days.

What does it mean to serve? As a follower of Jesus, this is an extremely important question  to answer. Service is a crucial part  of being a Christian. And I don’t mean to say that every single Christian must go on mission trips all over the world in order to serve, I mean that we should all have service focused minds. Serving others can happen anywhere. Something as simple as helping someone bring their groceries to their car can count as service. God did not call on us to serve only certain groups of people or certain areas of the world, He wants us to minister to people everywhere, to show them who He is and to spread his light amongst the world.

If you feel a pull towards someone or have an overwhelming need to reach out, then do it! This is God telling you that this person is hurting and that maybe something as small as a helping them carry groceries could brighten up his or her entire day. As the saying goes: wherever you go, go with all your heart. So next time you step outside your house, remember to go with your whole heart that is aimed toward the goal of serving other in the name of God. In other words, live with full intent.

Thank you all for tuning back in after a very long session of tweaking the blog and redesigning things; you all rock. I’ll be back in a week after my mission trip is over and hope to bring back plenty to share.

Much love & grace,



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