Action // [ak-shun n] // something done or performed; act; deed

Intention // [in-ten-shun n] // an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result

So as you can probably tell today’s blog post is going to center around the distinction between actions and intentions. God directly calls on us many times in the Bible to spread the Christian message through our actions. Actions are things people can witness, and the biggest way to show people that our god is good!

An intention is mental, there is no way to show someone your intentions without displaying some type of action (even the definition of intention includes the word action). A person could have the purest intentions possible, but in order for those to become real, they have to be carried out as actions.

The Lord has called us to be examples of the truth for the world, especially for the people who have never experienced Christian love before. And in being examples of the truth, we must willingly set these truthful examples. No one else can turn our intentions into actions, only we ourselves can do that.

The Lord is going to judge us according to our actions, not our intentions. Daniel 12:3 is a great example of this. It states that “those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars for ever and ever.”

Being examples for the Lord means leading other to righteousness (aka the love of Jesus). And when we are setting examples using our truthful intentions, then cultivating them into actions we are doing just that. So this week (and in the future) lead a life full of truthful, God-seeeking actions that will set an example for others!

-Jordan 🙂






Hello again friends! This week is going to be crazy busy for me, but through the midst of all the pressures and stressors, I have decided to upload this post in the hopes that you will be inspired even through all the crazy stress in your own life.

The title of the post itself, LWFI, is an acronym for something I came up with while continuing my study of Ezekiel. It stands for live with full intent. I was in the middle of journaling over Ezekiel 13 (False Prophets Condemned as it’s titled in the NIV translation) and I decided to focus my journaling on striving not to be a false prophet.

In biblical times, a false prophet was anyone who was prophesying the so called word of God without actually having received word from the Lord Himself. But I decided to delve deeper into the more symbolic meaning of a false prophet and what that may look like in today’s world.

To me a false prophet is anyone who claims to be living out the word of God and following in His light, but deep down is truly not devoting themselves to Him. And I will even admit that sometimes I’ve been a false prophet. With the busyness of life it becomes increasingly more difficult to live the way the Lord has commanded us to live. It takes a little more than just saying you’re a Christian and going to church to really be following God fully.

So when I say live with full intent, I mean that we as Christians, and even just people in general, should be living our lives with purpose. If we set out to live our lives with intent, which means following the Lord with your whole heart and mind,  then everything will fall into place. Don’t believe me? Look to the Bible to find your answers. Jeremiah 29:11 declares that the Lord has plans to prosper us. David, Daniel, Paul, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and a number of others devoted their lives to following God and in doing so prospered greatly and were never lacking.

When we choose to live our lives with full intent or purpose, we are choosing a life for God and of God, and if that’s a life we devote ourselves to they’re is nothing that could stop us. So this week and in the future adopt the live with full intent motto and live your own life with purpose!

I hope you enjoyed this (very) short post, but remember LWFI!

-Jordan 🙂