JOEL 2:13


“Return to the Lord your God, for He is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love, and He relents from sending calamity.” -Joel 2:13 // NIV Translation

Today’s post will just be a short sequence of thoughts on this verse. I originally landed on this verse and decided to make it this week’s weekly verse last week. It was almost a call from God, me coming across this verse. Especially after last week’s post on returning to God, I thought that this would be the perfect way to start off the week with a little relation/connection to last week.

With all this talk of returning to the Lord, it’s no surprise that there would be a verse in the Bible that encompasses everything I wrote last week. The word of God is like armor, a way to protect us against the evil and trouble of the world. This verse is a great representation of that, we should shield ourselves with this comforting thought that God is always there waiting for us with open arms (much like the Prodigal Son).

God’s compassion and grace are overwhelming. Even when you slip up and drift from Him, His grace allows you to return time after time, and to continue to be forgiven. The Lord’s love is mighty and His anger slow. His love will always continue to flow into you, even in the midst of a messy mistake.

I know today’s post was super short but I didn’t think the verse needed a whole lot of explaining after last week’s post. If you haven’t read my post from last week, go check it out under the devotional tab (it’s titled Long Time, No See).                                                  -Jordan


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