Yay, yay, yay! Exams are over, Christmas is only a short week away, and break is finally here. So in the spirit of Christmas, here is a prayer that I read that comes out of the book Christmas Prayers by Marianne Williamson:

“Dear God, at this Christmas season please open my heart. May I learn to be a giver; not a taker; For only thus can I feel blessed. Make of me an instrument of Your peace, that peace might fill my world. May Your abundant mercy touch my life. May my heart so give and so receive as to expand to touch the stars. May I so learn to live with love, that I might know of heavenly bliss while still on earth. May the miracle of Christmas be a miracle in my heart. Amen.” -A Prayer of Giving

What an important thing to remember going into the Christmas season (or any season for that matter). Sometimes the truly important parts of Christmas get lost in all the chaos and presents and parties that come with the season. And while all those things are defining parts of the season, they shouldn’t supersede why we celebrate the holiday in the first place. So this Christmas season I challenge you to keep this prayer in your mind, be a giver not a taker, and to never forget that Christmas is the giving season!



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