“I can do all this through Him who gives me strength.” -Philippians 4:13 // NIV Translation

Again, I have chosen to breach the subject of trusting in the Lord and not worrying about what is to come (check out my last post on Matthew 6:25-34).

This verse is another one of my favorites, but I only really started to appreciate this verse for all that it is over this past summer. I started seeing this verse everywhere. And when I say everywhere I do mean everywhere. First it was at church one Sunday morning, then at the airport printed onto some lady’s purse, then I heard someone talking about the verse while out shopping with friends. And when I finally started to be receptive to these occurrences, I realized that this was God speaking to me.

Near the end of summer I was having a particularly hard time with the amounting stress of school and junior year and all my upcoming assignments and classes. But luckily I had this verse on my mind through it all. Reciting this verse over and over again when I began to get stressed helped me to realize that God wasn’t going to let me fail.

God is infinite, He is good, and He is always there to provide strength. So when your feet are failing and the weight of everything comes crashing down, remember that God is there for you no matter what. You can do everything with the strength that the Lord gives to you. Pray to Him and your prayer for strength with be received.

Have a great week and remember that even through all the finals and anxiety this week will bring, that the Lord is always there providing you with love and peace and most of all strength.                                                        -Jordan

P.S. My experience with seeing Philippians 4:13 all around me this past summer is a great example that opening your eyes to unexpected signs of God could affect you greatly. Just because the Lord doesn’t speak to you in a literal way, doesn’t mean He hasn’t answered your prayer or met your needs!



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