ISAIAH 35:10


“They will enter Zion with singing; everlasting joy will crown their heads. Gladness and joy will overtake them, and sorrow and sighing will flee away.”       -Isaiah 35:10

Wowie I love this verse! It brings me such joy and really embodies the glory of the Lord and what we imagine Heaven will be like. So read on to hear my thoughts about this weeks verse.

First I will start by talking about the first little chunk of this verse. I love the fact that this verse starts out on such a positive note. Instead of something dreary and heavy it states that God’s people will enter Zion singing. The way that the joy of reaching Heaven (Zion) makes people feel is very apparent in this verse. These people were so overjoyed with the desire to live eternally with the Lord that they were singing! They weren’t scared or sad about leaving all their earthly things behind, they were joyous and singing wondrous praise.

The next two pieces of this verse focuses on the people’s everlasting joy. You will live in Heaven eternally if you choose to accept Jesus and walk beside Him. And this eternity will bring you an eternal joy. There will be no more worries about earthly things but instead your face will be turned to the Lord’s and a passionate and lively joy will surround you and crown you forever. And as the next part of the verse states, this very joy will overtake you and fill your heart up wholly.

Finally, for the last bit of this verse is the statement that when you do reach Heaven sorrow will flee. There will be nothing left but joy and love and happiness inside you. The worries and troubles of the world will no longer bog you down. Instead you can look to the Lord with full confidence that you never again will have to experience unhappiness and sadness that comes with just living life.

I truly think this verse embodies the outlook we should have during our weeks. We need to be joy seeking, Godly people that dispel the evils of this world. So during this week have an attitude of Zion, meaning let sadness and sighing evade you and joy crown your head for all to see.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving week filled with the attitude of Zion! -Jordan


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