Homiletics is a technique used to break down passages of the Bible, and also my favorite way to study the Bible. The technique is fairly simple and involves only a few steps. Once you’ve found a passage you want to break down, follow these steps to homiletics success!

  1. SHRINK: Look at each verse in the passage separately and summarize the verse with a short sentence or a couple of words so that it still makes sense and has the same general context if someone else were to read it. Ex: 1 Corinthians 13:4-13
  2. DIVISIONS: Look over your shrinks and pick out one or two words that either appear often or are indirectly mentioned. Ex: love and God’s attributes
  3.  SUBJECT SENTENCE: Come up with one sentence that pulls together all your shrinks. Ex: Love stems directly from God and contains all of the attributes of the Lord.
  4. TRUTH: State a truth based on the two divisions you came up with. Ex: Love is the defense against the negativity in the world.
  5. APPLICATION: Using your summaries, divisions, subject sentence, and truth, compose a sentence stating how you can apply what the passage is talking about to your own life. Ex: I will use love as a defense against vindictive and negative people.

Homiletics is as simple as these five steps. I’m in the process of reading the Bible all the way through right now and I use this technique after reading a few chapters. I pick out a certain passage or a few verses that really standIMG_3136 IMG_3137 out to me, and break them down using this method. I happen to think it really helps me understand what I just read. I hope this will help you with your Bible studying and have a blessed day!                    -Jordan

P.S. Above you will find a homiletic I did on Ephesians 6: 13-18. Each dot after the shrinks follows the order of the steps listed above!


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