PSALM 119:105


Hi there! So for my first post I have decided to start with a weekly verse. I think this verse helps to sum up why we should read and cherish the word of God.
“Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.” -Psalm 119:105 // NIV Translation

I love what this verse embodies for us as Christians. It reminds us that God’s word is the one and only thing that will help to guide us on our path to living more like Christ. And as cliché as it sounds the Bible really is a light for our path: our path to an eternal life in Heaven. The only way into Heaven is to accept Jesus as your savior and to submerge into His word and live it out accordingly. And let’s be real here, reading the Bible is hard! The Bible contains a lot of heavy topics and sometimes it’s hard to sort through all the information you’re reading in order to pick out the main ideas. So to help you out I have compiled a short list of things I do/use to make my reading of the Bible both fun and meaningful.

  1. Read for short amounts of time as opposed to long sessions.
  2. Take notes, draw pictures, or talk things out with yourself.
  3. Participate in Bible studies or other group sessions to get a different perspective on passages or verses.
  4. After reading, pray and take a couple minutes of quiet to think about what you just read.
  5. Break down the verses into short bits to better understand the reading.
  6. Try out some different versions. Ones like NIV, ESV, and The Message are some easy to understand translations. Find one that fits you the best!

Thank you so much for reading and have a blessed day!                                                         –Jordan


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